Hello, friends!

Welcome to Stay3D.com website and thank you for visiting!

Maybe you are interested who is this guy (stay3D.com owner). Let me tell you something about me and this website.

First of all, please excuse my bad English. I was born in non-English speaking country. Yes, I understand that I make many grammar mistakes, but I hope 3D models site doesn’t need so many text 🙂 All we need is 3D models (Ok, titles and tags too).

 I think I really like 3D modeling, rendering and so on. Probably I’ve found my hobby at last. I’ve tried many other hobbies and nothing was so attractive to me than this. I always wanted to create something useful for people. Something beautiful, maybe even some kind of ‘piece of art’. Ok, I’m kidding, I’m not a Leonardo at all.

For example I’ve tried pencil drawing. Yes, that was interesting, but I could not figure out what to do with it. No one will see my works. And nobody is going to buy it.

I‘ve tried leatherworks too. Yes, indeed. It was several years ago. That’s a cool hobby, but there are so many cheap leather wallets on the market, so it is very hard to compete with huge manufacturers. And not so many people want to buy handmade in real life. Most people need brand name.

Also I’ve tried game development. Game development is fine, but coding is seriously driving me insane. Yes, I know about Unity of course, however you still need to code a lot even for a simple game. Do not believe when they tell you ‘you don’t need coding skills at all’.

I’m sorry, I forgot to introduce myself. My name is Alex. And I live in a third world country (Eastern Europe). I have to work as an engineer on a huge plant. The salaries are really low here. You will laugh or maybe will not believe me at all, if I tell you how low my salary is. So I have to look for another income.

I’m 35 now, have wife and kids. So I decided why not to try to launch a site with free 3D models. It will be useful for people, and it will be useful for me. It is a great portfolio at last. Maybe someday I’ll quit my crappy manufacturing plant job and join Pixar or Disney Studio 🙂

So please forgive me PayPal Donation button and Google Ads Banners. I hope to earn some money with it to support this site and to support my family. Maybe it is not so bad to find a hobby that brings you some extra cash. Anyways, I hope you enjoy this site and 3D modeling.

Be cool, keep modeling, and stay 3d 🙂


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