Cactus – Free Low Poly 3D Blender Model

Cactus – Free Low Poly 3D Blender Model


.blend file of this 3D model:

Also you can download other file formats of this model:


.blend file format. This model was originally created in Blender.

.stl file format is for 3D printing.

.3ds file format for Autodesk 3ds Max.

.obj file is a simple-data format. It contains geometry only.

.mtl file contains materials information only.

For more info please read the article: HOW TO USE.


This 3D model is free. You can download and use it for almost any legal purposes.

It is free for commercial use. For example, it is OK to create animation for youtube and monetize it.

Or, you can use it in a game development. Create your game and upload it to Play Market.

Dear friends! If you enjoy this site and models, please spread some words about it. Maybe tell people on forums, post some links to this site. Or tell your friends and something like that. And, of course, it would be so great if you could donate a couple of bucks to poor 3D modeller (me) :)

For more info please read the article: LICENSE.

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