Hello! I’m going to post useful information here. Please read it and maybe you will find it interesting.

OK, you’ve downloaded .blend file:

What should you do next? Ok, simply open it in Blender. You’ve downloaded 100% ready 3D model. The model contains all you need: materials, lights, world and camera.


Just open .blend file with Blender. And then simply press F12. That’s it, one button! After fast rendering you will see an image just like you saw on a picture. Because as I told you before – 3d models are 100% ready. Of course, you can easily rotate camera, change light and materials to get the render you need.

Adding models to your scene:

Are you creating your own scene and need to add some 3D models in it? There is nothing simpler!

You have your scene opened in Blender: press (File -> Append) and select .blend file you’ve downloaded:

Then select ‘Object’. This is important! Because .blend file consist of folders:

In the Object folder you will see user friendly NAME of a model. It could be ‘HOUSE’, ‘CAR’, ‘OAK TREE’ and so on. Double click on it. Hurray! The model is in your scene!

OK, as a result 3D model will appear in your scene. In your Outliner menu you will see clear name: ‘HOUSE’, ‘CAR’ and so on. One model – one mesh, and no mess.

One blend file – one mesh! It is very convenient. Oh, you could see Ground, Camera and Sun objects, but you don’t need to import them in your scene. Forget about them. You need 3D model only. Because your own scene obviously already have those objects. 

By the way, performing ‘File -> Append’ command, the 3D model you want to import will be attached to your document as a copy. So do not be afraid to ‘break’ or ‘lost’ that model.  

Don’t forget to switch to Cycles Render. All materials are set. Of course you can easily change materials any time. And you can change 3D model itself: edit, scale, rotate, and place it anywhere on your landscape…

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