Dear friends, let’s talk a little about licenses and terms of use.

All 3D models published on this site can be used for free. You can download and use it for almost any legal purposes. It is free even for commercial use.


You can use it to create animation for youtube and monetize it.

You can use it in a game development. Create your game and upload it to Play Market.

You can create commercials using these models.

You can create printable posters, and renderings.

You can crate logos and use it for branding.

You do not need to ask permission to use 3D models, but it is appreciated to provide some credits when it is possible. If you enjoy this site and models, please spread some words about it. You can do it in any reasonable manner. Maybe tell people on forums, post some links to this site. Or tell your friends and something like that.

You can even redistribute 3D models at stock websites or databases (in this case you must give appropriate credit: provide a link to this site).

You cannot use 3D models published on this site for illegal purposes!

And, of course, it would be so great if you could donate a couple of bucks to support this site:

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